Back on the blogging trail after a nice little break away in the sun to recharge starting off with this corker: the stunning Katie and Thomas at the incredible Peckforton Castle, absolute love these guys and what a wedding it was full of ace people who certainly knew how to party helped on by the incredible ‘The Rush’ band who had that floor bouncing all night, what talent these guys have, they just make that huge difference when it comes to that dancefloor madness  – AMAZING!!

Always great to see Craig Owen Music doing his thing too during the ceremony and drinks reception – crazy good you my friend!!

Thanks to Katie, Thomas, your beautiful family and friends for making me so welcome

I hope you enjoy your mini story

Love Damo x

Credits to follow:

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Adam Johnson
August 1, 2017
Absolutely KILLER from start to finish mate. You're an absolute grand master.
Daniel Lloyd
August 1, 2017
You're just too good!!
Kyle Hassall
August 1, 2017
Niiiiice dude :)