Well after not blogging for a while, what a belter of a wedding to come back too; Anita & Simon at the incredible Elixir in Ibiza (thanks to the staff for looking after me there), I love destination weddings, not only because of the wedding day but so I can get some chill time in so always book an extra few days for some downtime after a what is already a crazy wedding season;

Anita & Simon were super kind in letting me stay at their incredible rock n roll style villa for 4 days (many a rock star have stayed there) – I have never seen anything quite like it and it gave me time to get to know all of the key figures for the wedding and they took me in as one of their own – I will be forever grateful for that and I even went on the stag do but that’s another story right there 😉

In the lead up to the wedding, we chilled, we laughed, we drank, listened to chilled beats and we eat in some ridiculous restaurants and visited Benniras Beach which had the most sublime sunsets and such a cool hidden gem amongst the surrounding of the White Isle and again I will be forever grateful to you guys for this and I know I have made some top mates for life

Well I could waffle and waffle but here is your brief story of one incredible wedding –

Thanks for everything guys and I love you to bits xx

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Earlier that week – we kicked back at this amazing hidden gem Bennaras beach after a few impromptu portraits at the villa

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back to the wedding day

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June 14, 2017
These are absolutely perfect I love all these pictures, it was a pleasure getting to know Damian he is unbelievable photographer. I met Damian a week before the wedding but I felt like I've known him years he's an amazing person and we've met a really good friend forever. Outstanding and very grateful.
    Heather Jones
    June 20, 2017
    What an amazing job! Damo ... you weren't the photographer, you were one of the wedding party. You made everybody feel so comfortable around you, which enabled and assisted you in capturing these stunning pictures. Simon is definitely after a trainee job ... can I just come along and carry the cameras ... I'll let you 2 do the graft! 😜 Can't wait to see the rest of the pics ... i bet you had thousands! Much love ... Heather (the chubby brunette bridesmaid! 😝) xxx