Well, this wedding is what it’s all about for me at one of my favourite venues Owen House Barn, it had everything and Lucy & Andy are an absolute dream to work with, to be honest I may have fallen a little bit in love with them, just a super cool genuine couple¬† – there were up for anything that day, even to get toasted standing super close to a bonfire especially lit to get a cool shot (thanks to Dan & co for making this happen) – we only had seconds but so worth the back burn ūüėČ

Thanks to all your family and friends for making me super welcome on the day, you guys are the nuts and I have defo made some friends for life here (one thing I love about my job)

Well without further ado – here is your ‚Äėlove story‚Äô with highlights from your day!!

massive loves xx

Ps Ace to see the super talented Gillan Edgar Band again who totally rocked the joint as always and Jim Wilson played some mega acoustic tunes during the day, a super talent right there, Vanilla in Allseason’s smashed everyones taste buds to pure heaven, awesome to work alongside¬†the boys with Jon Bird Weddings!!


Venue: Owen House Barn
Hair: Gareth Cobane
Make Up: Ceri Jones
Dress; Bride to Be
Cake: And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
Flowers: Blue Door Flowers
Band: Gillan Edgar Band
Afternnon Singer: Jim Wilson
Food: Vanilla in All Seasons
Film: John Bird Weddings

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August 1, 2016
I just love these!!! XXX
Sam Pinder
August 1, 2016
OH.MY.WOW!!!!! Personal favourite is the dance floor selfie! Pure brilliance mate! Xxx